What To Do With An Old Smart Phone

Smartphone is one of the most intriguing inventions of this century and without any doubt, they are now an essential part of our lives. Though smartphones have lots of advantages and disadvantages but one drawback we all have experienced that they become obsolete after few years. You cannot update an older phone to latest software and if you cannot get the latest software then you cannot get all the features a smartphone must have. Read more

Beware Of Fradulant Apps

Almost all of the mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone have their own app stores and they encourage their users to download apps and games from the official source. Android is popular for its “open” ecosystem and it does allow users to download and install apps from unofficial sources like Amazon App Store. Obviously unofficial sources are considered less safe than the official sources but when it comes to Android, everything is imaginable. Read more

How Safe is Your Child On the Internet?

These days, the average pre teen knows more about the internet and computer usage than the average adult does. However, many parents do not know what their child is doing on the internet. This is something many parents do not think of. We all think we have been diligent about teaching the young ones in our lives to be diligent and safe in an increasingly dangerous world. However, with limited tech knowledge that is often far surpassed by that of their children, Read more

Tech Check: Could Your Computer be Infected with DNS Changer?

As usual, there is a new virus on the loose. This time, it makes serious changes to your computer, and could have serious consequences regarding your information and your internet usage. DNS changer is malware that changes the DNS servers on your computer. Most mainstream computer users would never notice this, but it is a serious security breach that could compromise sensitive information, and the virus should be removed, as should all malware. Read more