Maverick Secure LLC’s new product, Maverick 4-F™ is a breakthrough 4-factor password system. It is the most advanced hybrid hardware authenticator with a built-in USB driverless smart card PKI token. It offers an enhanced authentication solution through the integration of one-time password and well-established PKI functionality. Maverick 4-F™ generates time or event based one time password in offline mode, meanwhile providing secure storage for credentials and digital certificates when connected in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) environment. Maverick 4-F™ complies with the OATH standard algorithms, and takes full advantage of the security with PKI mechanism thereby keeping you, your information, and your business interests safe and secure.


  • Strong four factor authentication process
  • Most advanced hybrid hardware authenticator with a built-in USB driverless smart card PKI token
  • All-in-one device for strong authentication, secure transaction and data protection
  • Support for a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions to protect important data
  • Versatility and flexibility by combining OTP generator & encrypted memory of certificate on the same device
  • DirectX support: DX11
  • Open GL: v2.0
  • Video Decode: UVD 2.0 – VC-1, MPEG2, MPEG4
  • HDCP:v1.3b (up to 1080p)
  • Side-Port Memory:128MB (DDR2-800) DP/DVI: 1080p, with Digital Audio (HDMI optional)
  • Max Resolution:2560×1600 @ 32bpp (dual output capable)
  • Dual Display Standard: DVI-DL + VGA, DVI-DL + DP, VGA + DP (HDMI converter optional)

External Connectors:

  • 1 – Ethernet connector (10 / 100/ 1000)
  • 1 – Display Port (DP/DVI, HDMI optional)
  • 1 – Display Port (DVI-DL + VGA, DVI-DL + DP, VGA + DP)
  • 1 – Power Connector (12-24 volts DC @ 3.30amps)


The cube-like Maverick Modular™ Computer is clearly different than any other computer on the planet. And yet, the differences extend deeper than just its incredibly small size and unique shape. In fact, we started over when it came to designing the Maverick Modular Computer, an effort that gave birth to the Maverick Computer architecture. This entirely new computer standard allowed us to take the classic motherboard and break in into three significantly smaller, yet interconnected boards: the CPU board and two I/O boards.


When joined together in a block-U shape, these three boards provide robust computing functionality with a twist. Specifically, they can be easily replaced, update and/or upgraded. This “building block” approach not only provides the basis for the term modular computer, but it also makes it possible to extend the useful life of the Maverick Modular Computer to six, eight, or even 10 years instead of today’s standard of 3-5 years.


The result is significantly lower acquisition costs over time, especially over a 5- to 10- year period. Additionally, the Maverick Modular Computer M series model only needs 20 Watts* of power to operate, a mere 20 % or less of the electrical requirements of most computers. Such low power needs make the Maverick Modular Computer (M Series Model) one of the most eco-friendly or green computers on Earth. This combination of lower electricity usage and significantly lower acquisition costs creates an incomparably low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


Economy does not mean you sacrifice performance, however, as the Maverick Modular Computer (M Series Model) is powered by a dual-core AMD processor running at either 2.2 GHz or 1.8GHz that launches the latest version of Windows® in less than 25 seconds. In fact, the optimized design of the Maverick Modular Computer means that owners will see similar, if not improved, performance when using any x86-based operating system.


The irresistibly small, sleek casing of the Maverick Modular Computer creates a tiny, yet eye-catching footprint on any desktop. You can even swap-out the original casing for one of a different color altogether. The casing also uses the
  • Support for a wide range of authentication and access gateway solutions to protect important information
  • Each password generated is valid only for a short amount of time (60/30 sec), providing greater security
  • Certified with CE and FCC


  • High security due to advanced two factor authentication system
  • Multiple operating system support
  • Web-interfaced management tool for remote management
  • Central authentication for networks or computer operating systems
  • Provision of full configuration and management tool set
  • Advanced pre-sales and after-sales services at reasonable price


  • Simple Phishing Attacks
  • Real-Time Phishing Attacks
  • Brute-Force Attacks
  • Chosen-Plaintext Attacks
  • Replay Attacks
  • Shoulder Surfing and Snooping