Mitchell Davie Director of Sales

Hello and Welcome to MAVERICK.
All our products are sold exclusively through the Maverick Channel Partner Program. The Maverick Channel Partner Program positions you (whether you are a Reseller, a Retailer, a Distributor or a Solution Provider) to successfully market and sell our award winning solutions. The Maverick Channel Partner Program is designed with three things in mind: superior customer service, substantive sales support and partner profitability.
As a member of the Maverick Channel Partner Program you will have all the assistance at our disposal; we are here to support and facilitate your success. So that we may better server your specific needs, please register with the MAVERICK CHANNEL PARTNER PROGRAM by submitting the information below. Once you register with Maverick we will contact you within 2 business hours.
If you need to speak with someone directly, please feel free to contact the sales representative that serves your specific area; again, if you leave a voice mail message we will contact you within 2 business hours. I thank you for your interest, your time and your consideration.

Mitchell Davie
Director of Sales
Matthew VanFleet
Vice President

Sales: North America
Phone: 888-266-1678
Jonny Ancheta
Sales: Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington
Phone: 888-266-1678
Gino Chelakis
Sales: Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Delaware, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado
Phone: 888-266-1678
Mitch Davie
Sales: Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Arizona
Phone: 888-266-1678
Tina Weeks
Sales: Mississippi, Alabama, Nevada, Montana, Maine, Nebraska, California
Phone: 888-266-1678
Thiago Layber
Sales: Brazil
Phone: 888-266-1678
Michael Grillone
Sales: New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Idaho, Wyoming, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota
Phone: 888-266-1678

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