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About Us

Patrick McNicholas

President, Founder and CEO

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Maverick. Years ago we set out to build a company that we could all be proud to be apart of; and that is exactly what we are doing. Here at Maverick we are building a company that is run with integrity. Our basic working model is this: our product, our service and our mission will not to be compromised.

Our mission and our dream are to bring the small business community the tools, solutions and resources they need to succeed at an affordable price. What began as a dream is now taking shape and that dream is now a reality. Maverick is based on several simple principles:

Maverick is fully invested in developing and protecting a work environment that rewards integrity, that embraces diversity, that believes in quality service and support, and that recognizes a strong work ethic. Here at Maverick, we will not compromise integrity for profit, we will not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, religious preference, sexual orientation or gender – rather, we will truly endeavor to embrace and elevate those individuals who deliver the kind of service small businesses deserve and who extend the kind of effort that our small business requires. It’s simple really: your success is our success. We believe in hard, honest work and we will work hard to produce the tools, solutions and resources that make your hard work easier, more efficient and more profitable.

My name is Patrick McNicholas, and on behalf of the Maverick family, I invite you to be our customer.