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How Safe is Your Child On the Internet?

These days, the average pre-teen knows more about the internet and computer usage than the average adult does. However, many parents do not know what their child is doing on the internet. This is something many parents do not think of. We all think we have been diligent about teaching the young ones in our lives to be diligent and safe in an increasingly dangerous world. However, with limited tech knowledge that is often far surpassed by that of their children, many adults do not know how to keep their children from danger in this increasingly technological age.

The internet can be a wonderful place, or it can be a dangerous one. With billions of pages of information at your fingertips, what could go wrong? Plenty, that’s what. There are entire communities online devoted to preying on unsuspecting young people looking for others like them, others who understand them. However, no matter how technologically advanced, a child is still a child. A 12 year old with expert level computer knowledge is still likely to fall prey to the wiles of a savvy internet predator. So, the question is this: how do you know if your 12- year old is really talking to other 12 year olds?

The sad thing is, you don’t. You can only check for warning signs that your child is developing an abnormally intense internet relationship with someone he or she has never met, and, if necessary, forbid the communication. If it continues, block the website. There are ways to set up administrator accounts on computers that only allow internet usage at certain times of day, or that block certain websites. This may anger your child, but it could also save his or her life. Here are a few internet safety tips:

  • Limit your child’s internet time
  • Periodically read email, facebook, twitter, and other social networking messages Forbid in person meetings
  • Have all user names and passwords(this is NOT an invasion of privacy. If your child is doing it and it is safe (s)he should not have a problem with you viewing the messages).
  • Know who your child’s online friends are, and what websites are frequented
  • Use administrator accounts to block inappropriate websites

All of these things can help keep your child safe while utilizing the power of the internet. Stay tuned to the blog here on Maverick Secure for more tips on safety with technology. Our upcoming introduction of STEALTH, a new security product, can encrypt your keystrokes and those of anyone in your family to keep your information secure and safe from hackers who wish to capture information to do anything from stealing your identity to finding your children. It’s not just secure. It’s Maverick secure.