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As usual, there is a new virus on the loose. This time, it makes serious changes to your computer, and could have serious consequences regarding your information and your internet usage.

DNS changer is malware that changes the DNS servers on your computer. Most mainstream computer users would never notice this, but it is a serious security breach that could compromise sensitive information, and the virus should be removed, as should all malware.

Approximately 227,000 computers in the US are currently infected with DNS Changer, though the virus originated in Canada. Now, it is reported that infection could cause serious consequences if not corrected.

DNS changer is malware that most likely infected computers that have it more than a year ago, and, according to the FBI, the computers that are still infected on Monday, July 9, 2012, will lose their ability to connect to the internet, and will have to call internet service providers for instructions on how to remove the malware before being able to connect to the web again. However, there is a simple solution that can be used now to detect whether or not you are infected with DNS changer. This method downloads no software and makes no changes to your computer.

Perform the simple check by going to This site is a trustworthy organization hired by the federal government to rid computers in the United States of DNS Changer. Http:// will detect whether your computer is infected with DNS Changer, and provide a method to rid your computer of the virus if it is infected. Also, there is no need to scan your computer.

Preserve your internet connection and your peace of mind. Perform the check, and remove the malware. Remember, it is free, necessary, and there is no risk to you.

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