Your information, and your business interests safe and secure


Smartphone is one of the most intriguing inventions of this century and without any doubt, they are now an essential part of our lives. Though smartphones have lots of advantages and disadvantages but one drawback we all have experienced that they become obsolete after few years.

You cannot update an older phone to latest software and if you cannot get the latest software then you cannot get all the features a smartphone must have. But you can use your old iPhone or Android phone as a security camera without investing anything except few minutes of your time.

First you have to format (or factory reset) your device so you get a clean and simplest form of your phone. Especially Android phones must be formatted so you can get longer battery life. Though there are thousands of apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store aka iTunes that offer similar features but we opted for “Salient Eye” for Android phones and “Manything” for iPhone.

Download and install these apps from relevant app store, enable Wi-Fi or mobile data on your phone and place it in a suitable place so you can keep an eye on the point of entry. Both of these apps can stream live video to your desktop PC or laptop so you can watch everything in front of phone’s camera. These apps have motion sensors so when camera senses motion it starts capturing images and uploads them to the server.

You can also set alarm to scare the thief but capturing photos is the main feature of these apps. Both of these apps are quite similar when it comes to features but Manything has some additional features like motion sensitivity, motion zones and video recording as well as photo capturing. Though these apps do the trick but if you want more security then wireless security camera is more effective solution.