Your information, and your business interests safe and secure


The Maverick Genie has two products that protect your users. The first product is called Maverick Genie. It is a swiss-army knife for managing passwords with a variety of useful functions. The second product is called Mobile 2Factor. It enables existing enterprise mobile apps to be secured by two-factor authentication.

Stealing passwords is at an all-time high; therefore, protecting those passwords has never been more critical in preventing Identity Theft and financial losses. The Maverick Genie is the only application that contains the five essential security “must-haves” for protecting your passwords, your money, and your identity.

The Password Vault Protects:

  • Bank Website Passwords
  • Favorite Shopping Website Passwords
  • Email Website Passwords
  • Social Networking Website Passwords
  • Corporate SSL-VPN Passwords
  • Portal Website Passwords
  • Any Website That Requires A Password

Feature List:

  • Password Vault – Stores an unlimited number of passwords with associated websites.
  • Search Password Vault – A quick easy way to search for your passwords by website name.
  • Strong Password Generator – This useful feature creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences, and then stores the strong passwords in the password vault for future usage.
  • One-Time-Password Generator for OpenID compliant websites – OpenID is a widely used open protocol standard that enables users to authenticate themselves in a decentralized manner and does not rely on a central authority to authenticate a user’s identity. OpenID enables users to consolidate their digital identifies.
  • S1024Bit Encrypted Database (NIST/FIPS) Compliant

As long as people use the Internet to move money, goods and services, our data will continue to be a big, attractive target. And, while security tools are getting more sophisticated, so are the people seeking to subvert them. The key to your peace of mind will be setting up structures that will make it easier for you to prevent these pervasive attacks. Setting up Maverick Genie is the first and only step you need to take.

All things being equal, one thing is increasingly clear: If you buy, sell, congregate or communicate through a computer, smartphone or tablet, you’ll probably have your account hacked at least once in your lifetime. And if you haven’t already faced the momentary fear and loss, the sense of disassociation and confusion that accompany a data breach, you’re lucky – and probably overdue.

Our culture has changed and, like it or not, your information is on display for anyone to access. Do you pay bills online? – do you “Facebook” or “tweet”? – do you purchase anything from Amazon or eBay or the HSN online? – do you email? – do you text? You do. You participate in the culture of the 21st century and you are vulnerable.

Another day, another big information security breach. This time, it’s LinkedIn and eHarmony, but it seems like only yesterday that Sony, Zappos, Nintendo, AT&T, Global Payments, and even the Department of Defense were scrambling to deal with huge numbers of stolen passwords and compromised accounts.

What is Maverick Genie?

It is an acronym for:

  • G – General
  • E – Event
  • N – Nullifier &
  • I – Interception
  • E – Engine

It is an impenetrable vault for your passwords with the following features:

  • Can be installed by any user on his or her Tablet, Smart Phone, Notebook, Desktop within minutes
  • License fees are very economical
  • 24×7, 365 support line services are provided for any issues
  • Can work in any Windows or Linux environment