Your information, and your business interests safe and secure


Maverick Stealth’ is an anti-keylogger software. As such it protects your machine from keyloggers (keystroke eavesdroppers)—malicious software that records your keystrokes, including your email, the websites you visit, your username and passwords, your name and address, and other sensitive information.
This record is often secretly transmitted by the keylogger through the Internet and is collected by a malicious attacker for his own purposes. Keystroke recording capability makes keyloggers a big part of a tech-savvy attacker’s eavesdropping arsenal to sniff valuable information. This may include your current location and who’s with you—very helpful for a stalker who may be tracking you or your children or loved one. The nefarious advantage of keyloggers has prompted malicious programmers to craft increasingly sophisticated keylogger versions that evade the efforts of conventional anti-virus software at their detection. Some keyloggers constantly mutate, rendering anti-virus signature databases useless, no matter how updated they may be. The only effective way to combat keyloggers is to deny them access to the raw keystrokes—assuming a PC is already compromised by keyloggers.


This is where Maverick STEALTHTM comes in. It denies keyloggers the ability to intercept intelligible keystrokes. Maverick STEALTHTM does this by setting up a secure 128-bit encrypted channel bypassing the operating system messaging service (in a Windows computer) that keyloggers use to eavesdrop in. Maverick STEALTHTM passes the keystrokes directly to the applications that need them. What a keylogger records instead are meaningless numbers—the encrypted keystrokes—while the decrypted ones are passed on to the target applications.

The Maverick STEALTHTM is particularly useful for online transactions. It installs a toolbar in Internet Explorer (7 and above) and Firefox that shows you keystroke encryption is active. It highlights sensitive input fields (like password and username and email text fields) with the color of your choice, showing you that these are encrypted and secure. This helpful feature is called “Cryptocolor” technology.


“Clickjacking” happens when a maliciously crafted website shows you a seemingly harmless button that you click to get a promised reward only to cause an undesirable action—unauthorized purchase, money transfer, or malware installation.

Clickjacking has become so common it even has corrupted the meaning of ‘viral webpage’ from something that is so sensational it becomes famous overnight into something that gives you a computer virus.

Maverick STEALTHTM provides a way for you to detect if any web page your browser opened has hidden buttons meant to trick a you into clicking something you may not want to click in the first place.


Screen-scraping is like keyboard logging, but records the contents of your computer screen instead. Maverick STEALTHTM blocks screen scrapers as well, protecting you from malware that would want to spy on what you are working on.


  • Protects against new and existing keyloggers.
  • Toolbar plugin for 1E8, 1E7 and Firefox.
  • Does not require any spyware database updates.
  • Eliminates time-consuming hard disk or memory scans.
  • Cryptocolor—visually displays a browser’s encrypted fields.
  • Small memory footprint.


  • Maverick STEALTHTM Standard – Internet protection -Maverick STEALTHTM is installed as a toolbar to protect your online activities from keyloggers, for example, when you are making online purchases, doing online banking, sending sensitive email, and browsing websites
  • Maverick STEALTHTM Premium – Same as Maverick STEALTHTM Standard plus it secures Windows applications (like Microsoft Office Suite, instant messaging/chat apps, money management/ accounting apps and many more).
  • Maverick STEALTHTM Enterprise – Same as Maverick STEALTHTM Premium but this is intended for use on corporate networks and has the ability to be deployed by system administrators remotely to corporate workstations via a Group Policy (GPO) installers. Great for companies and government agencies where keylogging is a real risk.
  • Maverick STEALTHTM SDK – Internet protection -Maverick STEALTHTM is installed as a toolbar to protect your online activities from keyloggers, for example, when you are making online purchases, doing online banking, sending sensitive email, and browsing websites
  • Maverick STEALTHTM for Re-branding & Bundling – If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer, contact us for more information on how you can rebrand and bundle Maverick STEALTHTM with your systems.